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Monday, September 21, 2009

Antimatter Octave Fuzz

I'm certainly no physicist and I'm not qualified nor cranially equipped to speak intelligently about quantum physics and particle theory BS. In layman's terms, Antimatter is this mysterious negative-image of everyday matter that we can touch and see. However should the two ever meet, it's cataclysmic. Everything goes boom and it's scary. It's also the world's most expensive material and it annhiliates everyting it comes in contact with. I like that last part about the annihilation. So...thus we have the Antimatter Octave Fuzz. Mysterious, dangerous, and when used improperly can cause such annihilation.

Ok, not really, but it is a damn cool fuzz pedal. It's an Octavia clone with a footswitchable feedback loop and octave on/off switch. The right-side switch and pot activate and control the feedback loop. It's a very versatile fuzz - turn off the octave for some filthy, raunchy fuzz, turn on the octave and bring down the intensity for some Hendrix mojo, or go crazy, switch on everything and start scaring children and old ladies with the feedback control.

Obviously I'm going for a "warning" sign look, with graphics inspired by the signs you might see around high voltage lines or nuke plants. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Base Antimatters are available for $125 plus shipping. Options include:
Pre-Gain control ($10)
Momentary switch for the feedback loop (no charge)
"Relic" enclosure. ($10)
Octave Switch ($5)

1 comment:

  1. Killer pedal. The option for a momentary switch on the feedback loop is awesome. That's what you want. Do you mind saying what kind of trannies you've got in there?