The Super-Fuzz

It's evil, dirty, and angry. It might as well call the cops itself and save your neighbors the trouble. $160.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Super-Fuzz Redux

UPDATE - The red wedge enclosure has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  All new Super-Fuzz orders will have a different (undertermined) enclosure.

Just released - the new-look Super-Fuzz. It's the same fire-spitting angry beast as the old one but in a new retro-modern enclosure with looks that befit its tone. Designed to replicate the sound of the vintage Univox Superfuzz - a silicon transistor extreme fuzz with some up-octave craziness thrown in. The 73 Effects Super-Fuzz stays faithful to the original with NOS Panasonic 2SC828 transistors and germanium diodes. Not all is vintage, however - it has low-noise metal film resistors, mechanical true-bypass switching and a 9v adapter jack.

The top is all business - just the footswitch and the LED indicator. When that red light goes on, it usually means someone is about to call the cops. Don't say you weren't warned.

The classic controls: Expander (fuzz), Balance (Level) and Tone. You choose - midrangey Satan's chainsaw or mid-scooped evil.

You won't mistake this for any other pedal on your board.

Each Super-Fuzz is built to order and there is a four-week lead time. If you need an accurate sonic reproduction of the original or just like torturing your neighbors with hellacious fuzz, look no further. Cost: $160


  1. I am saving my pennies...someday I will have a super-fuzz!!

    Love the look btw.

  2. The super-fuzz is what I really would like to have in my dedal board!!!!!